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You can have sitemeter.com, Internetsheer.com and clickstats.com services..
Also check your hosting account and ask your provider if it have any
preinstalled stats analysing tool. Internet Sheer is a good tool to check
your site's uptime. It sends you alerts if server has any downtime.

If it is Cpanel (linux)  or Helm (windows) it should have Awstats, Webalizer
or any other tool. Now a days most of the hosts are providing it free of
cost with their hosting accounts.

thanks and best regards

Arun Tibrewal

> [1] StatCounter - http://www.statcounter.com/
> StatCounter is free for the 100 most recent site visitors, and then you
> pay for additional log size.  It is very easy to use, and install, all you
> need to do is add a few lines of JavaScript to each page in the site where
> you want to track stats.  Here is what StatCounter offers:
> Summary
> Popular Pages
> Entry Pages
> Exit Pages
> Came From
> Keyword Analysis
> Recent Keyword Activity
> Recent Came From
> Search Engine Wars
> Visitor Paths
> Visit Length
> Returning Visits
> Recent Pageload Activity
> Recent Visitor Activity
> Country/State/City/ISP
> Browser
> System Stats
> Lookup IP Address
> You can try it for free ,and then, if you want more stats, you can start
> pat for it each month.
> Host's Control Panel
> [2] The Web site in question may be hosted by a host that provides stats
> part of the current hosting plan. Some hosts have what is called a Control
> Panel, where the host can provide additional services such as site stats.
> To see if the site's host has a Control Panel access, try the following:
> Enter "/cpanel" after the ".com" of the Web site in question.  For
> www.sitename.com/cpanel
> If the Control Panel exists, you should be prompted for a user name and
> password.
> Here is what my current host offers:
> Analog
> Awstats
> Webalizer
> Latest Visitors
> [3] Google Analytics (as previously mentioned)
> Analytics uses Urchin, which is a pretty popular pay-for stat tracker
> Google acquired the service and offered it up for free.  That info is
> thorough.  There have been reports that page load times sporadically
> increase after installing the Analytics code on your Web site.  I have
> this happen before, but it is very rare.
> I'd suggest you check to see if you have cpanel on the site's host, and
> out what you already have, if anything, before exploring another options.
> Good luck,
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> Are you supplying their hosting services?  If they're using other
> remote/shared hosting services, they should already have access to
> types of site stats - WebTrends, SmarterStats, etc. as part of their
> services.
> Christie Mason

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