[thelist] cheap software spam - how do they do it?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Sun Mar 12 16:45:57 CST 2006

No hard data, but wouldn't trust any company that spams me offering "Ch3ap S0f-twar3!!!"

I say you fork over your $150 and let us know what happens ;)


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Like many of you I've been spammed a million times over the years with 
advertisements for cheap name brand software.  Well the time has come 
for me to buy some software and I'm checking these places out and 
wondering how they offer such cheap prices.  I'm looking at Adobe Suite 
which retails for $1,200 and they are offering it for $150.

I've read through their policies and what they do is let you download 
the software and that's about it.  You don't get a license, no disk, you 
can't register and you may or may not get product updates.  This is 
acceptable to me for the most part but I'm just wondering if there is a 
scam here or what.


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