[thelist] Clueless admins at TailRank

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Mon Mar 13 01:12:12 CST 2006

Take a peek at this snippet from http://tailrank.com/robot

"We attempt to use web standards as much as possible to find the
feeds which exist on your site. Unfortunately, there are many
websites that break web standards in ways which can confuse 
robots. We attempt to assert that your weblog software is 
configured correctly by requesting additional files."

THAT is their answer to the Frequently Asked Question, "Why is
TailRank requesting XML files that don't exist on my server?"

That's right, they assume that my client MUST have a blog,
and I was just too freaking stupid to put a link to it on
my front page... so they're going to keep **guessing** until
they find it.

A question that does NOT appear in their FAQ is "Have you
ever heard of robots.txt?" to which their answer would
clearly have to be "Duh? No, what's that?"


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