[thelist] Grouping SQL Report Services

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Mon Mar 13 08:31:35 CST 2006

Hi list,

I've got a reporting services report (off of a SQL 2000 Server) that
looks like:
Market Segment					2006
A				Sale			$1000
				Margin		$700
B				Sale			$500
 				Margin		$250
C				Sale			$30,000
				Margin		$20,000
D				Sale			$15,000
				Margin		$10,000

I wanted something like:
Market Segment					2006
Group A			Sale			$1500
				Margin		$950
Group B			Sale			$45,000
				Margin		$30,000

Ok. Is there a way I can group the segments together here at the end?

OR another way to look at this would be to perform some kind of
If-Else/Select in the SQL query upon execution. If Market Segment = A
then Group = A


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