[thelist] Automating log file download

April april at farstrider.org
Mon Mar 13 11:40:26 CST 2006

I have about 5 domains which my host only keeps the log files up for a 
couple of days on.  I hate losing log files, but I also hate 
downloading, untarring, and renaming the files every day (or freaking 
out if I decide to take a vacation).  Below are the steps I need to 
accomplish, which I would like to completely automate.  Can anyone 
recommend an ftp program capable of this?  I also have a linux box 
available, but little shell scripting experience, if anyone wants to 
point me in that direction.

1.  Automatically connect to ftp server and download file.  The name of 
the file changes every month, but predictably.
2.  Unzip and untar file.
3.  Rename file based on the current date.  This can be obtained from 
the system or from lines inside the log file, but not from the file name.

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