[thelist] implementing a folksonomy in a cms

Vlad Alexander (XStandard) vlad.alexander at xstandard.com
Mon Mar 13 14:19:03 CST 2006

I could be wrong but I would have thought folksonomy is a
hierarchical tagging of documents; kind of like creating
multiple breadcrumb paths to the same document. This approach
is good for browsing. But what you are suggesting is more like
keyword tagging of documents to improve search results - right?

One strategy some of our users are doing is instead of (or in
addition to) typing keywords, they markup keywords. See this
screen shot for example:


The CMS then extracts the keywords and saves them to a database.
You will also need to build an alias list. So if a user markups
up the word "roses" as a keywords, you would know that "rose"
and "flowers" as also associated with this document.

Hope this helps.


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