[thelist] Automating log file download

April april at farstrider.org
Tue Mar 14 12:13:41 CST 2006

Unfortunately, the websites are with a hosting company.  They don't 
offer shell access.  I used to sneak around that with a php script that 
called on untar and partially automated things, but they've since 
blocked that.  My linux box is the one beside me, running debian.  It'd 
still need to connect to the internet and ftp the files back.  I also 
have Windows XP.  Of the two, I'd rather do any scripting in Linux.


Brooking, John wrote:
> April wrote:
> You say you have a linux box *available*, but what box are the server
> and log files on? As people have alluded to, there are ways to do this
> with both DOS or Unix shell scripting, using just the command line FTP
> that comes with both. That would be a simpler solution than bringing in
> another package. Let me know which OS you want to use and I might have
> some examples around that could help you.
> - John

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