[thelist] Flash and 3d Animation

m.j.milicevic me at machak.com
Tue Mar 14 13:15:16 CST 2006

Hi Dan,

>I have a project that will need to show some apparel slowly spinning,
> similar to the Adidas Gigaride
> (http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/whatsnext/content/microsites/gigaride/gigaride.asp?strCountry_adidascom=us&deeplink=)
> does with the 360 spin. I am wondering if they have a physical shoe
> and shoot it a certain way and then add those into Flash, or if they
> shoot the shoe and then put the frames into like RayDream and import
> the 360 asset into Flash. Any thoughts? Any experience?
> -- 

I did 360 thingies for nissan cars and it always were  series of images.
you import those into a movieclip as serie of keyframes. On top of add two 
transparent movieclips,
each covering half of your image.
Give mouseover action to left movieclip: prevFrame() and nextFrame() to the 
right one.

you'll need to check boundaries e.g for the left movieclip:
if (this._currentFrame == 1)
    // e.g. if you have 24 keyframes

right one (moving forward):
if (this._currentFrame == 24)

basically thats it. you are done like in 5 minutes.

kind regards,

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