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John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Tue Mar 14 14:21:06 CST 2006

Dan McCullough wrote:
> Thanks for the reply that was very useful information, exactly what I
> was looking for.

One more thought on this, if you'll be doing such a project yourself... 
3D rotations typically use a large number of pixel-based images, and 
because a visitor could choose to rotate in any direction at any time, 
there is often a "please wait" kind of routine while all that big image 
data is transferred.

That Adidas piece handled the image transfer time by starting with some 
low-cost vector images, then using the rhinocerous sequence to buy some 
more time.

Another approach is to use the intrinsic streaming nature of Flash... if 
the artwork is laid out in the timeline then the first frame will 
download and display first, then the second frame will download and 
display when ready, and so on. With some explanatory text on the first 
few screens you could have the shoe itself be the "please wait" 
sequence, and when all the large images have donwloaded you could then 
get into the interactive inspection. (The other approach is to author so 
that any image could be called at any time, which means that all images 
will have to be locally available before using any of them.)

Here are some older technotes which bear on the basic problem:


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