[thelist] MS Reporting Services & Local 'Filter' Files

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Mar 14 14:33:47 CST 2006

Hola Evolistas,

Not looking for code here.  Looking for a "yeah it's easy", 
a "nope - it can't be done", or a "yeah, kinda, but it's 
really really hard" from folks more familiar with MS Reporting 
Services than I am ... (which pretty much means everybody).

Can you set up a report in MS Reporting Services and let 
your users filter the results of that report (either before 
or after report execution - I'm not picky on the timing yet) 
using, as filter values, the contents of an Excel or Text 
file stored on their local hard drive?

Example -- Report brings back 12,000 records of Inventory data. 
User wants to only see records involving the 264 part numbers 
she has stored in a local Excel file.  [These part numbers 
do not have a common 'grouping' attribute that is currently 
stored in the data warehouse.]

Can do?    Can do easily?



[This is 'easy' to do using Brio or the 'full client' flavor 
of Business Objects.]

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