[thelist] GoDaddy's CDONTS

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Mar 14 18:39:49 CST 2006


Whatever your problem is, it has nothing to do with CDONTS per se.

CDONTS just creates a text file and drops it into the SMTP server's "drop"
directory. From then on, CDONTS has no involvement in delivering mail. The
actual creation of the text file and it's saving onto disk happens entirely
within the time it takes to process your ASP page (I'm assuming you are doing
this from within your web page). 

The problem lies elsewhere.


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: Anyone experiencing issues with GoDaddy's CDONTS? I'm literally fighting
: with tech support to give me a straight answer as to why my emails are
: delayed up to several hours. I've got 5 of them right now on hour 17 to
: be sent out...with the code THEY gave me! They claim it all works. Can
: anyone, if you have an account with GoDaddy, check it out real quick?
: Hah, that's an understatement.
: Rob Smith

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