[thelist] Database Naming Conventions

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 14:18:24 CST 2006

Here is a typical user table that exemplifies some of the naming conventions
I use:

CREATE TABLE `tbluser` *(
  *`lngUserID` int*(*11*) *NOT NULL auto_increment*,
  *`intUserType` tinyint*(*4*) *NOT NULL default '0'*,
  *`intStatus` tinyint*(*4*) *NOT NULL default '0'*,
  *`intRank` int*(*11*) *NOT NULL default '0'*,
  *`intCountryCode` tinyint*(*4*) *NOT NULL default '0'*,
  *`strUserName` varchar*(*20*) *NOT NULL default ''*,
  *`strPassword` varchar*(*8*) *NOT NULL default ''*,
  *`strEmail` varchar*(*250*) *NOT NULL default ''*,
  *PRIMARY KEY  *(*`lngUserID`*),
  *UNIQUE KEY `IX_unq_strUserName` *(*`strUserName`*),
  *UNIQUE KEY `IX_unq_strEmail` *(*`strEmail`*)
) *TYPE*=*MyISAM COMMENT*=*'table of users'*;


tbl -> tables
qry -> views
tlkp -> lookup tables
sp -> stored proecures

lng -> long
dbl -> double
int -> numeric
str -> varchar,char etc
txt -> text

ID convention: lngTableNameID

I find these conventions helpful especially when iterating through the
database schema.

Although using hungarian notation (the int, str, tbl, qry etc stuff) as per
naming conventions is debatable,
since even M$ dropped using that notation because, they say, it was
overcomplicating things.

Anyway I think it adds a bit more organization.

However, imho, It is better to stick to a convention and continue using it
rather than going back and forth between several conventions, especially at
early development phase of a project.

Volkan Ozcelik
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