[thelist] Intranet Suggestions

Lotek lotek at softhome.net
Thu Mar 16 14:30:05 CST 2006

I'm looking for some intranet suggestions; maybe some of you can provide
some insight.
The company I work for has two needs that I have to address:
1.	They want the full shared contacts, calendars, email, document
management etc.
2.	They want to build a custom web application to automate and support
specialized business processes. 
The former is accomplished right now by a shared drive, MS Exchange, Outlook
etc. And the latter is addressed with a custom built asp.net application. It
seems like these two systems need to be integrated but I'm not sure how.
Sharepoint might be an option, but the web application will be licensed in a
SAAS model at some point which might not play nice with sharepoint. 

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