[thelist] Providing hosting for website but sending email to Yahoo! account

Chris Dempsey chris at cubeit.co.uk
Fri Mar 17 13:51:05 CST 2006

We have a client who has his domain, hosting and email with us but he now
needs his email to go to his Yahoo! account.

We can provide a forwarding service [department at domain.com  >
client at yahoo.com ] but our servers will block messages larger than 10mb so
this is no use.

How can we route mail sent to department at domain.com so that it goes directly
to our client's Yahoo! account?  I tried emailing Yahoo! but haven't
received a response.

I'm sure this can be achieved by altering the WWW A or MX records on the
domain but need to know which records get changed and how I find out what
they get changed to.

Any help appreciated.

Kind Regards, 

Chris Dempsey

[t:] 01292 67 66 63 
[m:] 07932 95 40 43
[e:] chris at cubeit.co.uk 
[w:] www.cubeit.co.uk 

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