[thelist] Providing hosting for website but sending email to Yahoo! account

Dejan Kozina dejan at kozina.com
Thu Mar 16 23:38:30 CST 2006

You have to look for the MX record and change it to:

domain.com.    IN    MX   10	mx1.mail.yahoo.com

This will send all the mail for your domain to Yahoo.


P.S.: If Yahoo refuses your 'overweight' mail when forwarded, chances 
are it will do the same even thus.

Chris Dempsey wrote:
> We have a client who has his domain, hosting and email with us but he now
> needs his email to go to his Yahoo! account.
> We can provide a forwarding service [department at domain.com  >
> client at yahoo.com ] but our servers will block messages larger than 10mb so
> this is no use.
> How can we route mail sent to department at domain.com so that it goes directly
> to our client's Yahoo! account?  I tried emailing Yahoo! but haven't
> received a response.
> I'm sure this can be achieved by altering the WWW A or MX records on the
> domain but need to know which records get changed and how I find out what
> they get changed to.
> Any help appreciated.
> Kind Regards, 
> Chris Dempsey
> [t:] 01292 67 66 63 
> [m:] 07932 95 40 43
> [e:] chris at cubeit.co.uk 
> [w:] www.cubeit.co.uk 

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