[thelist] Breaking away from "Standard" Fonts

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Fri Mar 17 04:31:00 CST 2006

Felix Miata scribeva in 17/03/2006 4:34:
> It's naive to think design is more important than readability to anyone 
> other than designers. Most visitors are there for your content, not 
> pretty magazine pages to flip through without reading much of anything 
> like those glossy wastes of money lining the checkout lines in stores. 

It is naive to generalize like this...

And it's about time to get rid of that obsession with words - there is 
other kind of content too. Often the best way to convey a message is to 
use images, animations or sounds.

And what if my business happens to be glossy-waste-of-money-website? If 
my fonts are uglier or design less glossy than my competitors I'll lose.

And sometimes it is more important to maintain correct branding imagery 
and elements that provide smooth reading experience to everybody.

To recap:
- often websites are there to convey a message
- the message may or may not be verbal
- it is a good idea to make design choices appropriate to the message

And just in case I forgot to mention it: content != words


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