[thelist] Breaking away from "Standard" Fonts

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Fri Mar 17 05:00:43 CST 2006

On 06/03/17 05:31 kasimir-k apparently typed:

> And sometimes it is more important to maintain correct branding imagery 
> and elements that provide smooth reading experience to everybody.

Branding tends to involve imagery and grabbing attention, things a web 
page does with colors and graphics and h1, h2, etc. #content p shouldn't 
be where you want to place your branding. It really can't be, because 
there are too few commonly available web fonts to make any meaningful 
distinction, unless your idea of branding includes common and boring and 
overriding visitor wishes.

> And just in case I forgot to mention it: content != words

True, but when discussing fonts, it's hard to imagine the relevance of 
other kinds of content.
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