[thelist] joker.com down?

jason.handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Mon Mar 27 03:02:22 CST 2006

Hi Steven,

> How much have you used the Nettica.com site?  I was thinking 
> of setting up my own DNS server's to run a web site and Email 
> from home.  For the price that they charge, well that would 
> not even cover my electric bill..<G>
> What has been your experience??
> Thank you for anything that you can provide..

I have a colleague who is hosting DNS for 70 or so domains there, and he
seems to like it. Some of the domains are mine, and so I get to use the
web management interface, which I think is pretty straightforward and

I've never noticed any DNS-related downtime, either. And when I read
their website and saw the bit about the separate locations, multiple
networks, etc. I thought "ah, so maybe that's why..."


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