[thelist] Pop up images

Justin Zachan justin at jazzmanagement.com.au
Mon Mar 27 05:31:02 CST 2006

Hey there,
I am pulling together a website with a bunch of images... each image has a
thumbnail, and the thumbnails are listed on an html page and I want to pop
up each larger image in a small window if the user clicks on the thumbnail.
Since there are 100s of images, I was after a simple php method of having
just one php page for the larger images i.e. large_image.php and this page
would be populated with the correct image based on which thumbnail was

So not sure how to do it (I know very basic php), but I guess passing some
variable once the thumbnail is clicked, and the large_image.php calls the
correct image file...

Any simple ideas? Thanks in advance.



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