[thelist] Pop up images

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 06:50:35 CST 2006

> pops a small window with the larger image embedded
> <a href="javascript:popUp('025.php')"><img src="images/025_t.jpg" alt=""
> width="156" height="119"></a>
> <a href="javascript:popUp('024.php')"><img src="images/024_t.jpg" alt=""
> width="156" height="119"></a>
> <a href="javascript:popUp('large_image.php')"><img src="images/025_t.jpg"
> alt="" width="156" height="119"></a>
> (set some variable that will tell the large_image.php to select the large
> image that matches the thumb.)
> Does that make sense???

No, "javascript:" links never make sense. Especially not when they
link to pop-up scripts that may be blocked by all kind of software
these days. We should really consider people who don't have JavaScript
at their disposal, too.

You can easily just apply the JavaScript when it is possible:

Without JavaScript, this one just links to the main image. If you
replace the main image with a PHP script that shows the image and a
navigation around it, you are in business.
I've done that with a similar script at: http://www.pop-portraits.com/
(click the pic above the sofa for the dynamic display thingamajing.
Detailed explanations on how to do this:

If you use Picasa for your image manipulation you could also take a
look at the template that uses the same trick:


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