[thelist] PHP and ASP.net/ My SQL and MS SQL

James Conley Conleyj at kubota-kma.com
Mon Mar 27 09:10:04 CST 2006


Having never used PHP I couldn't tell you the difference between ASP &
PHP. The difference between ASP and ASP.Net however is pretty big. While
you can continue to code ASP.Net sites as if they were ASP it would be
similar to buying and using a Leatherman as a pocketknife and nothing
else. Same goes for SQL Server compared to mySQL. MS SQL Server includes
Reporting Services [a web-based reporting/alerting/subscription product
that even allows user report design], Analysis Services [data cubes &
data definitions], Data Transformation Services & Scheduling [schedule a
job - any job / import data, extract data, manipulate data,
bulk-load/export data, transform data [even using ActiveX Scripts to
script column and data transformations], run any sort of SQL Statement,
any sort of dos command, endless list of stuff this thing can do]. SQL
Server is a fully relational transaction based database that can be
restored "up to the moment" or up to last transaction in the case of a

FWIW I'm not knocking mySQL/PHP but SQL Server is a pretty robust
product as is ASP.Net.

James c.

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