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Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Mon Mar 27 09:37:08 CST 2006

Is there a way through DTS or other means, to tell a computer to access
a web page on a particular schedule? 

If you must know why...one of our VP's wants a report every Monday
morning. I could set up SRS to do a subscription and email him the
results. However, the data cannot be derived from one magical query. I
have one main query that runs, and during runtime, another query is run
off that record followed by some individual calculations. The final
result is a custom web report that I copy and paste into Excel and email
to the boss man. (I asked the list about this a few weeks ago.)

I thought about it some more and here's what I can do that will satisfy
both ends of the equation. I can get the .asp page to insert the line
items into a temporary table that gets deleted just before the report is
run. Then I can easily get SRS to do a subscription report off this
temporary table. I never have to touch this again. So, I need something
that will access a web page every Monday morning at 5am to populate the
temporary table. Got any ideas?

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