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James Conley Conleyj at kubota-kma.com
Mon Mar 27 09:47:29 CST 2006

If there is no export [outside of a final report] that is required then
turn this into one heaping pile
Of SQL and USE SQL Agent to schedule all the SQL tasks. The final
product is a single [demoralized?] table
That SRS can handle. Then you can setup a subscription for him such that
he gets a SRS in his inbox every Monday
At 5 AM or some such.

If Excel export is required outside of the final report then put the
whole thing into DTS. One of the DTS tasks is to run SQL so everything
should be able to be put in there. Final DTS task is export to Excel
followed by send email. SQL Agent can schedule DTS tasks so that is your
scheduling piece.

I don't know if DTS has a "send email" task or not.
I don't know if SQL Agent has a "send email" task or not either.

James c.

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Is there a way through DTS or other means, to tell a computer to access
a web page on a particular schedule? 

If you must know why...one of our VP's wants a report every Monday
morning. I could set up SRS to do a subscription and email him the
results. However, the data cannot be derived from one magical query. I
have one main query that runs, and during runtime, another query is run
off that record followed by some individual calculations. The final
result is a custom web report that I copy and paste into Excel and email
to the boss man. (I asked the list about this a few weeks ago.)

I thought about it some more and here's what I can do that will satisfy
both ends of the equation. I can get the .asp page to insert the line
items into a temporary table that gets deleted just before the report is
run. Then I can easily get SRS to do a subscription report off this
temporary table. I never have to touch this again. So, I need something
that will access a web page every Monday morning at 5am to populate the
temporary table. Got any ideas?

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