[thelist] need help diagnosing problem uploading file to website

Sarah Adams mrsanders at designshift.com
Mon Mar 27 10:41:15 CST 2006

> Are you using server-side processing? I had a similar problem with PHP
> a while back. Two configuration items in PHP I toyed around with was
> the process memory limit and the session timeout . Look this up on the
> documentation since I cant recall off the top of my head what they
> are. One was to handle an upload that took so long that the session
> timed out and the other to handle an upload so large that the memory
> limit was hit.

Yes, the file is being uploaded to the server via a ColdFusion web app. 
I'm thinking that I can increase the timeout value in ColdFusion, using 
<cfsetting requesttimeout="...">. But since the default timeout is 30 
seconds, and these file uploads often take (quite a bit) longer than 
that, I'm wondering if this timeout value applies to file uploads. Would 
it be ColdFusion that's timing out, or the user's browser? I suspect the 
latter, since the user is seeing a browser error, not a ColdFusion error.

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