[thelist] Pop up images

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Mon Mar 27 10:46:17 CST 2006

Says here that Justin Zachan wrote...
> What I would ideally like to do is...
> <a href="javascript:popUp('large_image.php')"><img src="images/025_t.jpg"
> alt="" width="156" height="119"></a>
> (set some variable that will tell the large_image.php to select the large
> image that matches the thumb.)

Sounds like a great beginner's exercise.  Something very similar is the 
basis for my first CGI tutorial* -- converting that to PHP would be simple
yet educational.

One bit that hasn't been mentioned yet (perhaps because the more advanced
folks here take it for granted?) is the image map of thumbnails.  I touch
on creating that but I'm not generating it dynamically; that might be a
fun exercise, too.  If someone has a way to do it that wouldn't overwhelm
my beginner-level audience I'd be delighted to publish it and give you a

* http://handsonhowto.com/cgi101.html

(And ditto what Ian said about having a consistent naming convention.)

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