[thelist] Any hacked standalone Safari update?

Roberto Gorjão roberto at castelosnoar.com
Tue Mar 28 04:26:36 CST 2006

Olá a todos (hi all)!

I got quite frustrated when I found out that, since Tiger, Safari's 
updates are launched with system updates and are not distributed in 
standalone versions (????). I found this quite amazing since I believe 
Apple is the only company that shows a similar disregard towards it's 
users and those who develop for them... Even Microsoft is going to make 
I.E.7 compatible with XP.

Anyway, I bought a Mac Mini just for testing my pages in that platform 
but I really am not willing to upgrade my 10.3.9 Phanter just for the 
sake of Safari testing... Does anybody knows about a solution to this, 
either by means of:

    * applying to any special web developer's program in order to
      receive free/special discount upgrade kit;
    * installing any hacked standalone Safari version for my present OS;
    * consulting some accurate information specifying which are the
      differences between versions' rendering capabilities?

Obrigado (thanks)!

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