[thelist] Automatic Refresh [SOLVED]

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Mar 28 05:46:53 CST 2006

I don't even understand why WinHTTP is needed. Why can't you create a job
that is run by the SQL Agent? That's what SQL Agent is for - running
scheduled tasks. Have the Agent run a job at 5:00am (or whatever) to clear
out, and populate your temporary table.


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: > Talk about a gnarly solution.  It would be much better to set up a
: > task within SQL Job Agent that calls a small job that does nothing
: > other than instantiate a WinHTTP request to the page you are
: > currently using as your homepage.
: :-D I'm still laughing about your comment. Here I was jumping up and
: down thinking I've solved a month long problem only to have someone say
: "Bah. Newbie"
: I'm trying to find the documentation on How and What the WinHTTP T-SQL
: statement is and looks like...   :-\
: Rob Smith

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