[thelist] Just a quick WTF: How to cut off a number after acertainamount of decimals

Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
Tue Mar 28 10:33:39 CST 2006


> I 
> wonder how much time is spent on this kind of thing because 
> so many people still can't spell or do anything beyond simple math. 

I often encounter individuals who, when attempting to solve problems,
only ever consider solutions that they can implement with their current
knowledge base. With the example given, it may not have been that the
developer was ignorant of maths in general, but ignorant of the
existence of the Math object in javascript. Rather than research the
most suitable technology in more depth in order to provide the most
appropriate solution, the developer may have chosen to use their time to
produce an inefficient and tortuous solution because they could do it
without recourse to research or study. My view is that this attitude may
be prevalent in people who have not grasped the basics of a given
technology or system.

I have found myself in situations where my lack of understanding of a
certain system/technology has resulted in frustration at the very least,
which is [part of the reason] why I'm now about halfway through a
Computing degree. It's pretty tough to study this hard while working
full-time, but the dividends are paying off already. Structured academic
study may not be the answer for everyone in my situation, but I believe
that studying in general can be. I also find myself indebted to people
like Ken Schaefer. It's not always the actual information that I glean
from his posts that benefits me the most, it's the manner in which he
(and others) actually approach the problem. Changing the way in which I
approach problems has helped me as much, if not more, than actual
knowledge that I can then apply.


>From the subject line, I take it that you are failiar with

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