[thelist] Just a quick WTF: How to cut off a number afteracertainamount of decimals

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Mar 28 12:03:03 CST 2006

> This might sound snide (not intended), but what else can one do?

it didn't, nor do I intend to: you can ask someone.

I try to give my solutions a sanity check for simplicity, reusability,
etc. If something I've written in VBScript doesn't seem 'right', even
though it works, I go ask some people I know ;)

"And now, using what I like to call 'the right way' . . . "

Like, I've lost track of how often you and .jeff and rudy and Anthony B
have pointed out something that was dead simple obvious to you, but
which had never occurred to me.

and wouldn't have, if I hadna arsked


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