[thelist] Multiple RSS feeds

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 16:14:47 CST 2006

Have the client hook up with Feedburner.

On my Vaspers the Grate blog, in my sidebar, I created a little graphic
called "Feeds" and a brief explanation like "get my fresh posts direct
delivered to your computer", then I display not only Feedburner, but buttons
for Add To My Yahoo, XML, etc., but all going back to Feedburner site where
the menu of options greets them again. I also have a link button to

I use an Awasu feed scraper that will translate web site code into a
aggregated feed, thus scrapes the site for the data, and I suggest promoting
feed scrapers as a user benefit, on the client site.

Highly recommend: "Hacking RSS and Atom" by Leslie M. Orchard, in Wiley's
Extreme Tech series. Excellant coverage of the topic.

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