[thelist] Just a quick WTF: How to cut off a numberafteracertainamount of decimals

Chris Marsh thelist at cjmarsh.com
Tue Mar 28 16:32:46 CST 2006



> But I think Chris' point may have been more of the ... if you work 
> with a single tool long enough you become very familiar with it's 
> limitations and develop 'blinders' to techniques you could use 
> with other toolsets ... and I would tend to agree that is a danger.

That was pretty much it. In the past I've attempted to use ASP for *utterly*
inappropriate solutions, simply because I have extensive experience with
ASP. I have thought that I am "thinking outside the box" for using ASP for
something that it would not normally be considered an appropriate technology
for, whereas in hindsight I just had no objectivity. I should have at least
accepted the possibility that a better way to approach the problem would be
to research how other people had solved similar problems and then learn the
necessary skills to do the same.

I don't think that I am right and anyone who disagrees is wrong - I enjoy my
work far more, the more I learn, and I also increase my earning potential.
Each to their own - in my view there is no absolute with regard to how
people address their own personal development. My comments weren't meant to
be overly critical of anyone except myself :)


Chris Marsh

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