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Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Mar 28 16:37:48 CST 2006

Why do you think that an SQL Agent job is constrained to a single query?

You can have SQL Agent call a stored procedure (which can run many queries),
or you can have SQL Agent run many sprocs or many queries (or indeed shelling
out to a command prompt, or invoking other programs).

As I said, I don't see why you need to use WinHTTP, or Windows Scheduled
Tasks, or ASP pages, or automating IE, or any of that. Reduce complexity by
just using the bits you need, and then when/if it comes to updating, or
troubleshooting, or maintaining this thing, life will be much simpler.


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: > populate your temporary table.
: As I mentioned earlier, my application cannot be solved in one magical
: query...or at least I don't think it can. Here's why:
: 1) Locate all orders and details of each order for last week.
: 2) What warehouse did it ship out of?
: 3) What WAS or SHOULD have been the correct warehouse it could have
: shipped out of based on the customers shipping zip code?
: 4) How many iterations did the "system" have to go through to find the
: next available warehouse at the time of purchase?
: 4) Did the order originate from the same warehouse? Or was it fulfilled
: via 2 or more warehouses.
: 5) Sum up the excessive shipping costs and warehousing fees.
: 6) How much could we have saved by having the inventory in the right
: place for our customers at the right time?
: 7) What was the total shipping and handling fees did we incur last week?
: 8) In a utopian society, what should have been our shipping and handling
: fees?
: 9) Once that report is generated, email it to the boss man every Monday
: morning in order to address potential warehousing problems.
: Thanks to ASP, Windows Schedule Task Manager, SRS, Exchange, and the
: List, it's done.
: Warehouse X, Y, and Z charge a different flat fee for an order. For each
: warehouse is needed to fulfill the order, multiply handling fees per
: warehouse per order. I've seen the numbers and it can add up fast. Now,
: at least we know where the opportunities are.
: Basic automatic autonomous order fulfillment request :-) I love SRS!

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