[thelist] Question about front page 2002 graphic links

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Wed Mar 29 12:50:34 CST 2006

Michael Sprague wrote:

>   <p><font size="6"><a href="rm1001nonb.pdf#nameddest=utmaugma" Target="_blank">
> <img border="0" id="img5" src="button4A.jpg" height="24" width="120" alt="Custodial (UTMA/UGMA)" fp-style="fp-btn: Braided Column 1; fp-font-style: Bold; 
>   fp-font-size: 11; fp-justify-horiz: 2" fp-title="Custodial" onmouseover="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img5',/*url*/'button4B.jpg')" 
>   onmouseout="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img5',/*url*/'button4A.jpg')" onmousedown="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img5',/*url*/'button4C.jpg')" 
>   onmouseup="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img5',/*url*/'button4B.jpg')"></font></p>

What a mess....

Can you simply remove the images?  What's wrong with:

<a href="rm1001nonb.pdf#nameddest=utmaugma" target="_blank">State 1 

and adding some CSS to style it close to the current look, plus a :hover 
and :active state to do the mouse over effect?

Chances are you don't have a say though... otherwise you probably 
wouldn't be asking this :)

maybe this will help:

>   p.s. long live the monkey junkies. viva la text editors

indeed :)

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