[thelist] Close to Real Time Replication Between SQL Server 2000 to2005

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Mar 29 16:34:12 CST 2006

Depends if you want to do it the easy way (e.g. in-built Replication,
LogShipping), or you want to do it the hard way with Windows Task Scheduler,
ASP pages, and ...

Out of the three replication mechanisms that SQL Server 2000 supports,
Transactional Replication is closest to what you want. Log Shipping is
another option for near-time synchronization (if the target server is only
required to be read-only). If you need two-way synchronization, then you need
to use Merge Replication.


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: Hey y'all,
: I've got an SQL 2000 box that's taxed pretty heavily (POS, SOP,
: Warehouses, and Replication). Now, I've also got a SQL Server 2005 box
: fully loaded Lamborghini ready to rock for SRS only. Since I need the
: data form the 2000 box as close to real time as possible, what's the
: best way you'd recommend getting the data over to the 2005 with minimal
: taxation on the 2000 box? I could set up a DTS task to run at intervals,
: but that tie up both servers a lot all the time. We do have a copy of
: SCRIBE that I'm learning that might be an answer.
: Rob Smith

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