[thelist] client to post video OR we're not always the rightperson for the job

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Thu Mar 30 16:58:48 CST 2006

Hey, I need a heart transplant - think you can help me out? - there's bound to be some kind of tutorial on the web.... 


Ok, what I'm really saying is there's got to be a point as a developer where you draw the line and say "This is not what I do". Perhaps trying to be all things to all people (I know this is very tempting if you're starting out or running a one-person setup) _could_ end up hurting your core business. 

If someone came to me wanting a print brochure layout because they knew I was a 'computer guy' and could (basically) drive Photoshop, I'd tell them it wasn't my thing and point them to a good graphic design shop.

Yes, they'd pay more but they'd also get a better service and I'd hope they'd respect me for being honest. This may lead them to coming to me for other (web-related) work.

I would never try to land a client based on skills that I *do not have*. I consider that dishonest. If you haven't already told this person that you really don't know how to edit and get video online I suggest that you do so ASAP.

Like I said "If they're willing to pay for [you] to learn then great", but don't lead them up the garden path pretending you know what you're doing - it will come back to bite you in the backside. 

And c'mon Christy - you'd *love* me as a client - I work for the government and they tend to be good with things like paying contractors...


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