[thelist] keyword research - what does rompl mean?

Sales @ Lycosa sales at lycosa.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 18:21:44 CST 2006

I just did some keyword research for a client who do pregnancy scanning.
I put in 'baby' and the daily world searches and KEI for 'baby pics
rompl' where just extraordinary. I googled it, and it came back with a
lot of different sites - serious repots of babies being born dr*g
addicts, the cost of premature babies, p*rn and lots of foreign sites.

Has anyone heard of this word 'rompl'? No online dictionaries I found
could shed any light. Lots of warning bells are going off, but I wanted
to check it out, because, if genuine, would give a staggering boost to
my customers web site.


Phil Parker
Web: http://www.lycosa.co.uk

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