[thelist] client to post video

Christy Collins ccollins at loudjoy.com
Thu Mar 30 19:11:31 CST 2006

It needs to be cross platform - I was looking for .mp4 or .mov
That's why I thought the Sony software might be a good choice.  I'm  
also seeing a lot of software that converts video files to .swf,  
which seems like it would be even more accessible - but not sure what  
other advantages or disadvantages there are to that.  If we did that,  
the Windows Movie Maker might work.


On Mar 30, 2006, at 7:16 PM, Steven Pierce wrote:

> What format is he looking for??  If he is trying to just hit the  
> Windows
> world,
> then it would be fine.  If he is trying to do both Windows  / Mac  
> then it
> might be
> an issue.  WMA the last time I looked was not supported on the mac.
> He might want to look into Quicktime, that way it is supported on  
> both Win /
> Mac
> format.
> On 3/30/06, Christy Collins <ccollins at loudjoy.com> wrote:
>> That might be perfect, he's just going to need to do cuts.  I'm a mac
>> person so I had no idea - what format/s will it save to?
>> -C
>> On Mar 30, 2006, at 8:33 AM, Todd Richards wrote:
>>> Christy - How much editing will he be doing?  Windows XP has  
>>> built in
>>> "Windows Movie Maker" that I use if I don't need much done.  It
>>> allows easy
>>> import and editing, including titles and effects, then will allow
>>> you to
>>> save for the web.  He might give that a try.  Otherwise, I like
>>> Sony's Vegas
>>> 6.0.  Just starting to learn it but it has a lot of capabilities.
>>> Todd

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