[thelist] client to post video

Daryl Brown mail at browncowmedia.com.au
Thu Mar 30 21:48:28 CST 2006

I concur with Flash video as the best solution.
In fact with a few of the available encoders, they will generate the wrapper
(swf movie controller) and the html code right there and then

to quote http://on2.com/consumer/flixstandard/
"Put your video on the web in three clicks with Flix Standard! Flix Standard
encodes virtually every type of video, audio and image file into Flash, the
most popular media format on the Internet. An amazing value, Flix Standard
is the perfect entry-level video encoding solution."

only $39 - that particular encoder is Windows only.


Daryl Brown
Digital Film Maker
Brown Cow Media
Sydney, Australia

> On 3/30/06, Christy Collins <ccollins at loudjoy.com> wrote:
> >
> > It needs to be cross platform - I was looking for .mp4 or .mov
> > That's why I thought the Sony software might be a good choice.  I'm
> > also seeing a lot of software that converts video files to .swf,
> > which seems like it would be even more accessible - but not sure what
> > other advantages or disadvantages there are to that.  If we did that,
> > the Windows Movie Maker might work.
> >
> >
> Going for the Flash video would probably be the best bet for your client.
> This would allow anyone with a browser and the Flash plug-in to view the
> videos and would, mostly, keep people from downloading off the site.
> However, I am not sure what software is needed to create flash videos, or
> post them on the web. Personally, I would just use Flash for this, but it
> can be rather pricey and comes with a steep learning curve for some.

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