[thelist] client to post video OR we're not always therightperson for the job

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Thu Mar 30 22:34:28 CST 2006

It's interesting that you say you work for the government because that's
what I was going to guess!  (able to hire for whatever task is needed).
Actually, I agree that you have to draw the line somewhere, but I believe
that this is completely within the scope of being a developer.  Not saying
that every developer has to do it, but basically she is trying to go above
and beyond.  It's not rocket science, and he isn't asking for anything that
unusual.  It sounds to me like he is looking for a solution and she is
helping to find it.  To me that's what will help her land the client.  Then
he tells someone else and she lands them too.

Granted, you probably don't want to spend an obscene amount of time on it,
but I don't see him as taking advantage of her either.  Perhaps by her
finding a solution and putting it into a bid, she will get the job.

If you have the mentality of "that's not my job" then they will find some
other "Christy".  I think it's just good Customer Service and I would
probably do the same thing.


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Hey, I need a heart transplant - think you can help me out? - there's bound
to be some kind of tutorial on the web.... 


Ok, what I'm really saying is there's got to be a point as a developer where
you draw the line and say "This is not what I do". Perhaps trying to be all
things to all people (I know this is very tempting if you're starting out or
running a one-person setup) _could_ end up hurting your core business. 

If someone came to me wanting a print brochure layout because they knew I
was a 'computer guy' and could (basically) drive Photoshop, I'd tell them it
wasn't my thing and point them to a good graphic design shop.

Yes, they'd pay more but they'd also get a better service and I'd hope
they'd respect me for being honest. This may lead them to coming to me for
other (web-related) work.

I would never try to land a client based on skills that I *do not have*. I
consider that dishonest. If you haven't already told this person that you
really don't know how to edit and get video online I suggest that you do so

Like I said "If they're willing to pay for [you] to learn then great", but
don't lead them up the garden path pretending you know what you're doing -
it will come back to bite you in the backside. 

And c'mon Christy - you'd *love* me as a client - I work for the government
and they tend to be good with things like paying contractors...



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