[thelist] browser support for character entities

Alan Wood alan.wood at JUSTIS.COM
Fri Mar 31 04:07:09 CST 2006

Ian Anderson wrote:

> I have never been sure which is more correct, though, the 
> numerical form or the alphabetical form. e.g.
> dagger († or †)
> em dash (— or —)

They are equally correct.

Netscape 4.8 does not recognise the alphabetical forms that were introduced
after HTML 3.2.  If you use numerical forms AND use UTF-8 encoding, then
Netscape 4.8 will display the characters, subject to a suitable font being

At one time, some browsers supported the decimal forms but not the
hexadecimal forms.  Sorry, but I have forgotten the details.  Modern
browsers support both forms.

Alan Wood
http://www.alanwood.net (Unicode, special characters, pesticide names)

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