[thelist] browser support for character entities

sbeam sbeam at onsetcorps.net
Fri Mar 31 08:22:17 CST 2006

On Friday 31 March 2006 04:31 am, ben morrison wrote:
> > anyone know off hand the situation with browser support for some of
> > these latin-1 extensions (ISO10646 ??)
> A great resource is on evolt - with usefull commments
> http://evolt.org/entities
> ben

Well, thanks all - I was led to this page
which is a bit out of date but answered my questions. 

The idea was to have an indicator for the sorting direction of some 
columns in a table (clickable column headers). Ideally there would be 
simple little triangles, one with point up and the other point down - 
but while I can put diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades, nothing suits 

The closest was ↑ and ↓, but I find IE6 is cutting the heads 
off the arrows sometimes. And plus they are too skinny and hard to see 
at 11px Arial. So after all that we are going with good old < and 
> - oh well



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