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Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
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Passing data?

$_GET (default form action) will pass data in the query string (eg: pypage.html?stuff=1&this=2)
Data is accessible in the receiving script by referencing the $_GET array

$_POST <form action="post"...> will pass data errr...not in the query string and is accessible in the  
receiving script by referencing the $_POST array

For persistent use, SESSION data is your friend. Set session vars by using $_SESSION['myvar'] = $someValue.

Hopefully it's like riding a bike and after a while it'll all start coming back to ya!


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Hi all,

I am just now getting back into web design after a 2 year lay off  so I am 
having trouble remembering how to do things. I need to pass about 4 to 8 
pieces of information between two pages. I need to allow them to enter on 
one page and then use that info on any number of  several forms.  The first 
page looks something like this.

Item One:
Item Last:

Form 1
Form Last

Each form opens a new window. All of the items are in text boxes. I use PHP 
in Dreamweaver 8.

Please help.


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