[thelist] Convert DVD video to the web

Daryl Brown mail at browncowmedia.com.au
Sun Apr 2 18:07:53 CDT 2006

a VOB file is already an mpg file. Mpeg 2 actually. If you have an mpeg-2
decoder on your machine, just add ".mpg" to the biggest VOB file and it
should play - Of course depending on your flash encoding app and whether it
can read an mpeg2 file.  Costs nothing to find out though!!

Daryl Brown
Digital Film Maker
Brown Cow Media
Sydney, Australia

> "First of all, what format are you on (PC or Mac). Second, and probably
> importantly, is the DVD copyrighted? You may be in violation if you
> this
> Todd"
> Answer - I use a PC, and the client has clearance to use the DVD in this
> way... Thanks...

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