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> This is just the sort of thing I was talking about - there seems to
> be scads of this sort of software out there - every time I do a
> search I come up with different ones - but I haven't seen any
> anecdotal info - just marketing info.  I am wondering how the quality
> is.  One site I looked at (not sure if it was a flash solution) the
> sample video showed a guy talking about the product and the audio was
> so poorly synced with the video that I couldn't believe that they
> used that as their sample.  Have you used Flix Standard?  How is the
> video quality?
> -Christy

Christy. No I haven't.  *However* on2 is the designer of the codec used by
Flash 8, so their compression tools are pretty good! There should be no
problem with sync in this tool.  Please bear in mind that this is a *Flash
8* tool.  Flash 7 uses a different codec requiring 2x the data rate to match
the quality of the Fash 8 codec.  Also with video encoded to flash's swf
(embedded) format - which is dependent on the pc's ram for palyback ther
were problems with audio sync.  FLV is different. I have had no problems
with audio slip on either Flash 7 or 8 video.

Here's the comparison link of on2's different products:
http://on2.com/support-resources/system-reqs/  .  You will note that
standard uses a single pass encoding technique which will be inferior to a
double-pass encode.  I have seen anecdotal test comparison between the
different companies flash 8 video encoding solutions - In terms of speed and
quality Flash Professional 8's stand alone encoder comes up first in terms
of customisable parameters, speed and final quality - but you've got to buy
Flash 8 Professional - so that becomes a pretty expensive encoder.

For simplicity and good quality I would choose one of ON2's solutions.

The other issue with Flash8 web plug-in is that it is not quite at the
market penetration as its forebear Flash 7.  (the update is pretty painless
for the end-user though).

If you want to try out a free encoder for *Flash 7* try
http://rivavx.com/?encoder this is the Free Riva FLV Encoder 2.0.  If you
are happy with the quality and workflow - look no further!
benefits: 95% install on web connected PC's around the world, no proprietary
player required, good quality   cons: not as good qaulity at same data rate
as Flash 8.

Daryl Brown
Digital Film Maker
Brown Cow Media
Sydney, Australia

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