[thelist] reg exp for last whack

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Mon Apr 17 19:14:25 CDT 2006

thanks much for the reg exp; good job of rethinking it and simplifying

> Then you can sort (hmmm... strange that your example data is already 
> sorted by filename) and check for dupes.

windows default sort is directory name/filename. why does it seem
strange? just curious

> I would think the checking for dupes should be done programmatically 
> (e.g. via perl or bash or php). How were you planning on 
> doing it via SQL?

if I have dups, they'll almost certainly be *identical* names (temporary
copies made for whatever purpose; that's how these extensive duplicates
have come to be.) so, a quick self join to find two entries where the
filename matches but the path doesn't

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