[thelist] Job sites

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Tue Apr 18 06:46:42 CDT 2006

Hi List,

So, come the end of the year, I will be living in Seattle (I'm in 
Melbourne Australia now). Getting married to a native, no less. Poor 
girl. Anyway, it leads to a query. For someone who is looking for work 
in the web design / development field, focused very heavily towards PHP 
/ MySQL, though I'm pretty comfortable with Microsoft stuff, though not 
Java, what recommendations would people have as to good job sites to 
look at? Monster and Dice are the only names that come to mind - but I'm 
more curious about real life experiences - which sites are better for 
'real jobs', not 'recruiters advertising ghost jobs', particularly for 
these technologies, and particularly in the Pacific Northwest (well, 
Seattle and surrounds, really) - not too sure if there's job sites that 
seem to lean more towards some of the geographical areas.

Of course, if someone thinks they might have an opening for someone with 
~10 years web dev experience towards year's end, feel free to email me. 
*cough* I think that's pushing the limits, will have to think of a tip 
or two.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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