[thelist] DOM dummy needs help

Michael Pack michaelpack at wvdhhr.org
Tue Apr 18 10:00:53 CDT 2006

Hi all, I'm a DOM dummy and the Microsoft lack of support for CSS
psuedo:focus is forcing me to turn to javascript. I'm working on an UI
which will contain alot of forms. I'm wanting to increase usability by
highlighting the inputs, select, and textarea. I'm looking for

I've been working with...

function changeColor(color)

then using onfocus="changeColor('#FFFFCC')"
onblur="changeColor('#FFFFFF')" within the form elements. THis works
fine but the values of id and name attributes will be unique. I would
have to keep building and building the function.

Due to the large size of the app I'm building I want to keep this as
simple as possible. Is there a way to grab <input /> <select> and
<textarea> and apply the background change effects I desire? Or
something even simpler?

Also, is IE 7.0 going to support the CSS input:focus, etc...? Life will
be much simpler if it does!


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