[thelist] returning output from MSSQL to vbscript

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Apr 18 13:46:24 CDT 2006

Is it obvious to anyone why this

  strQuery = strDeclarations & "EXEC @RC = spAddTask '(" & strColumns &
")', '" & strValues & "', @WorkOrderNumber OUTPUT"
  Set NewWorkOrder = cnxW.Execute(strQuery)
  intNewWO_NUM = NewWorkOrder("@WorkOrderNumber")

returns the error "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding
to the requested name or ordinal."

(using intNewWO_NUM = NewWorkOrder("WorkOrderNumber") returns the same

the stored procedure sets nocount on. the sp itself works fine; been
using it for a couple years. I'm just trying to grab the value that
should be returned as output in order to replace the embarassingly hacky
kludge I've always used.

thanks much


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