[thelist] returning output from MSSQL to vbscript

Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 17:07:11 CDT 2006

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Canfield, Joel wrote:
>>cmd.parameters.append cmd.createparameter("@intIDOut", adInteger,
>>adParamOutput, oVal)
>>Response.Write "@intIDOut = " & cmd.parameters("@intIDOut").value
> huh. thanks.
> so, is using ADODB.Command the only way to get the output value? I've
> never used it, which is probably why I wasn't having much success.
> (not that it affects your answer, really, but I'm just not going to
> derail this entire mini-project to learn a new way to talk to the
> database in my present frame of mind [the one where my wife has been in
> hospital almost a week and won't be home for some time and I'm having a
> hard time concentrating.])

It's really not that different. But, yes, I am somewhat certain that
this is the only way to get an output param, and I believe it was the
impetus for my initial introduction with the command object (however,
after then, I preferred it in many situations).

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