[thelist] returning output from MSSQL to vbscript

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 18 18:38:03 CDT 2006

Never said returning a recordset was 'better' --it's just how I got used to doing it (and when I was using the technique, it proved to be a little faster in testing). Of course, the last time I touched the stuff (ASP) was years ago, so I suppose I'm not the best resource (any more?)

Cheers indeed :)

I disagree with Scott about how "different" they are. Personally I don't
really recommend returning single record, single column recordsets. There is
additional overhead in doing things this way, and you don't really save
anything in terms of LoC. Given that a good ASP page would have all its data
allocated to local variables or arrays before you get to the HTML bit, I
don't really see any difference between populating those local variables with
Command objects, or with Recordset objects. There is no inherent benefit that
I can see to using Recordsets as Scott has argued.

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